Sugaring; it`s an inexpensive way to get rid of those weird, bushy hair of your skin. Especially for women, sugaring is has become an easy way out to remove the hair of the body. If you consciously do it, then hair removal using the sugaring paste is a tremendous way of peeling of the hair otherwise it would be painful like waxing. Because of the non- toxic ingredients used in the sugaring paste, it`s healthy and great for a sensitive skin altogether.  Many people, confuse sugaring with waxing, but in reality it`s different altogether.  Unlike waxing, the process of sugaring doesn’t involve the usage of cloth strips.

 How do you prepare your skin for sugaring waxing

Here are few tips to prepare your skin before sugaring:

  • If it`s the first time, then hair should be slightly longer(0.3 inches) long. Otherwise length of 0.2 inches is normal. The hair length in general takes around 17 days to grow. Hair of the armpits grows much quicker though, so hair of armpit, take 8-10 days to reach that length.
  • Avoid going for those body wraps and tanning booth sessions. Also refrain from using other creams and lotions
  • Avoid wearing those slim and tight jeans which often irritate the skin especially in summers, leading to rashes and marks on the skin
  • If you by chance have hit your menstrual periods, no need to worry since using a tampon is decent and hygienic and it won`t any hindrance in the work,
  • Use cleaning swipes before you start off. Showering perhaps would be better option.

Post Sugaring skin care

Here are some tips you should follow after your hair removal session is over:

  • In the first four hours, post the sugaring process, avoid getting a bath, going in swimming pools, using sauna belts, SPA procedures. In fact, avoid tanning booth for the next 48 hours.
  • After sugaring, avoid spraying deodorants especially at the armpits since it would produce burning sensations. Avoid it for one whole week.
  • You can use a medicated lotion in order to soothe and protect your skin after the shower.
  • After 5-7 days of epilation, gently exfoliate the skin using a body scrub. This exfoliation of skin promotes treatment of ingrown hair. Later, use scrub at least two times a day
  • Also, do not apply any sort of lotion or creams unless and until the redness and irritation of the skin evades.

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